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Hiking Merapi Mountain Is Not Spending Much Money

Indonesia is a small country with a lot of beautiful tourism. One of them is Merapi Mountain with not taller than 3,000 m. For beginner, it is gonna make sweat.

How to get there by yourself ?
(From Solo) 1. You have to go to Tirtonadi Bus Station (Terminal Tirtonadi). Choose bus with destination to Semarang. But you have to stop in Boyolali Bus Station (Terminal Boyolali). It take an hour from Solo to Boyolali. Price is about 20k (20.000 IDR) 2. Looking for Pasar Sapi Boyolali (Boyolali Cow Market) by foot. From that, you choose mini bus to Cepogo Market. It take an hour and 20k (25.000 IDR) 3. From Cepogo Market, you have to choose mini bus again to Selo (the way to Merapi basecamp). And say "I want to hike Merapi (Saya mau mendaki gunung Merapi-in bahasa)". It take 30 minutes with 10k (15.000 IDR) Total cost : 120.000 IDR (round trip) 4. You can find some like junction and there is sign Merapi turn left. Follow that sign by foot about 30 minutes you can see the big building…