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Hiragana (Part 5)

Hello guys !
What about your test in Part 4 ?
Is it easy or not ?

Here, the answer of that test ! 1. Tatsu (stand)=たつ
2. Nani (what)=なに
3. Kaku (writing)=かく
4. Neko (cat)=ねこ
5. Utau (singing)=うたう
6. Koko (here)=ここ
7. Suki (like)=すき
8. Kao (face)=かお
9. Koe (voice)=こえ
10. Aoi (blue)=あおい

May be, everybody think about when it will be finish. And this is it, on this part I’d like to end it.

やゆよ yayuyo
わをん wawon
That is it. 46 forms of hiragana.

Keep learning guys!

ありがとうございました。(Thank you very much)

Hiragana (Part 4)

Hey hey welcome back to “” ! Thanks for keep watching my blog.
For now, I’d would like to give you some test. 
Please translate to 日本語 (Japanese language) without cheating ! Duration : 10 minutes
1. Tatsu= 2. Nani= 3. Kaku= 4. Neko= 5. Utau= 6. Koko= 7. Suki= 8. Kao= 9. Koe= 10. Aoi=
Finally, for the score of your test. Please sending your answer to my email ( then I’ll give you the score.
Ok, let’s move to another hiragana !
まみむめも mamimumemo
らりるれろ rarirurero
Keep learning guys!
See it on my own youtube also.

Let's go to Part 5 !
You almost finish study hiragana :)

Hiragana (Part 3)

Hello guys ! It is nice to see again. Welcome back to
In this day, we keep learning about hiragana. After we learned about 16 forms yesterday, what is your feeling ? More excited or boring, may be confusing ? If you follow my tips on Part 2, I think it make all more easy.
Ok, don’t waste your time. Here is it, another hiragana.
なにぬねの naninuneno
はひふへほ hahifuheho
There is an weird form, isn’t it ?
Yup, look at“fu” ! In Japan, there is no “hu”, just “fu”. So, there is no any word say “hu” at all. To prove it, you can see Japanese dictionary in your home and check it one by one. 
Keep learning guys!
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Let's move to Part 4 !

Hiragana (Part 2)

Hi guys !  Thanks for watching my blog again.
By the way, what about 8 forms that I shared on Part 1 ? Remember all the forms ?
It is ok if you don’t remember all, just keep learning guys. I believe that you do it. And don’t forget to watch my youtube for further.
For the day, we are going to Part 2 where I want to share you 8 forms again. Here we go....


It is so easy, isn’t it ?
You can also see on my own youtube
Here, I will share tips to remember it fastly : 1. 

3.  4.  . 5. 

Let’s make it !
Let's go to Part 3 !

Hiragana (Part 1)

I am not Japanese teacher I am not Japanese also
For nowadays, I am preparing my Japanese ability for being research student in Kokushikan University.
Let me share my ability for those who interest learn about Japanese language.
In Japan, there are 3 forms for writing.  1. Hiragana 2. Katakana 3. Kanji
Ok guys, for part 1. I’d like to explain about Hiragana. I called it as basic form with total 46 forms. Hiragana also called originally Japanese forms. The advantage of learning hiragana is when you feel so hard to read kanji, it doesn’t matter because sometimes (not in newspaper) there is hiragana above.
Here is it....
あいうえお Aiueo
かきくけこ Kakikukeko
How to write it ? Let me teach it on my youtube.

Check this out ! Keep watching my blog guys

For intance, let's see part 2 :)

Best Vacation Spot in Jakarta

Do you choose Indonesia to be one of your journey ? Hhhhmmmm which one the city gonna be the first of your journey ? Ok, not confuse cause I wanna suggest you all of cities you have to enjoy and spend your time over there. 
Let’s begin !

As capital city of Indonesia. Why ? Because you can see the real of Indonesia. A lot of local people around Indonesia you can find there with each acsents and unique places, goverment places, historical places also. 
You are not in Indonesia yet, if you never go to Monas (symbol of Indonesia).  Guys, check this out !
1. Monumen Nasional (Monas)
Over there you can find “delman” (public transport a long time ago) to guide you walk around monas. Don’t forget to bring umbrella, sunglasses, and using sunblock because Jakarta has about 30 degree celcius or more. For Indonesian, the temperature is too hot. 
If you wanna go up to the top of Monas, you just pay and you can see the whole of Jakarta. How much you have to pay ? See the picture !

After walking aro…

Process to get Ceritificate of Eligibility (CoE) for Study in Japan

In fact, to get Ceritificate of Eligibility (CoE) is not as easy as I think. For me who never go abroad before, it is a new thing. And actually complicated. Why ? There is some points which should you prepare it before go abroad :
1. Who is your guarantor ? Family/not ?
2. Where is his/her job ?
3. How much his/her salary per month ?
4. Is he/she has bank account ? How much his/her saving ?
If you are a rich person, it was so easy. But for me is not.
Let me tell my whole story from the first question until the end.
1. My father became my guarantor.  In the beginning, I had plan that my lecturer wanna be my guarantor. But the situations is not good. So many problems I should face it. So, I decided to choose my dad and to prove it. I should attach family card which has proven with sworn translator.

2. His job is an self-employed. Yes, he built a small showroom for car repairing. It is called, IKSI MOTOR. Did you know ? What is IKSI ? It is abbriviation of “Ika and Siti”. Ika is me, his fi…

Preparing for Apply CoE and Visa to Japan

After waiting more than 5 months, there is a little problem face on my way. What is that ?
A lot of requirements for you those wanna enter Japan for any reason. The important thing for you should to do is appling visa. One of form you should fill in is copy of account bank which has minimum IDR 100 million. Oh jeez ! So confusing !
I just wanna get higher education over there, but it like so hard. I have to find someone or many people to collect the money. I actually get desperate for a moment. But I need to refuse it. Cause why ?
Cause I believe “Allah”. I know, he gave me some challenges not more than my capability. Also, every destiny also can be changed by our act.
So, what should I do ? 1.