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Photo Blog New Year 2017 in Tokyo


Why Japanese Celebrate New Year 2017 in a Holy Place ???

Actually, I didn't mean to go to Jinja or Otera. I just wanna see how the jinja in thi place look like. Indeed, I am so sorry to say that I totally didn't know the name of that place. Sorry....
Well, just a brief explaination and a little opinion about Jinja. 
Basicly, Japanese reliogion is Shinto. Look like Indonesia, I mean not everyone is Moslem but majority people is Moslem, also the Indonesian law is not moslem law. It is totally different. In this case, Japan also majority Shinto ( a long time ago ). Now, if you have a friend from Japan, ask them about what is their religion. I guess, they will answer that "I don't have any religion" or if you force them probably they will explain something like that, 
"When I was a child, I have ever go to Jinja (anything place for praying) with my parents. So, if I have to say, I am Buddist but it is for status. For real, it is the way I am. I don't think about any religion. I love freedom." (This is actually…

Photo Blog Merapi Mountain - Part 2


Photo Blog Sempu Island

WELCOME to Sempu Island !
Sempu is an island located 800 meters from the southern coast of the province of East Java in Indonesia, about 70 km south of the city of Malang. The island is 3.9 km long and 3.6 km wide. It is topography is largely rolling hilld whose altitude ranges from 50 tp 100 meters above sea level. The coastline consists mainly of limestone cliffs characteristics of the facade of the island of Java in the Indian Ocean.  Sempu is accessed from the village of Sendang Biru, the most important fishing port on the south coast of Java.