Looking For Part Time Job "Arubaito" in Japan for Foreigner (via internet)

Hi guys ! How are you these days ?

What are you doing in autumn season ? Let me guest, you are looking for a job in "winter holiday", right ?

You have to know guys. In Japan, ARUBAITO is a famous name rather than part time job. Or you can find also BAITO. So, don't say that you are looking for part time job because it is quite awkwards (in Japan). Please say you are looking for arubaito or baito. Here, I will not explain more about what is arubaito or baito, because you can find it easly in google, right?

So, now me explain you how to look for part time job via online.

1. Curriculum vitae (rirekisho)
First is preparing your curriculum vitae. This is the important thing you should submit and bring it up when interview. What does it look like ?

Make sure that :
a. Fill in completely and correct
b. Absolutely write in Japanese (kanji, hiragana, katakana)
c. Using black ink is a must

Here, a picture above can guide you how to write a curriculum vitae in Japanese.
   1. The date you will apply a job
   2. Your formal photo
   3. Your name (romaji) and write katakana version above
   4. Education history
   5. Licence and qualification
   6. Applicants motives, special skill, appealing points, etc
   7. Hope

2. Apply a job
There are alot of job resources for foreigner or Japanese. But here I will introduce you some. 
a. Craigslist
The most famous and I got my first job on it too. It is so simple website job I see. First, please click CRAIGSLIST . You can see alot of job lists over there. Just read it carefully, choose what you want. Then, 

....click that point for you who want to apply this job. Just wait for a few days, if lucky you will be take an interview process and got it.
b. Japan Work
Do you have a Facebook account ? Yup, this is a community which share alot of part time job but mostly in a factory. You can find it easly on facebook. But for applying, I think it spend much time rather than craiglist. 
c. Jimoti 
This is an application for applying jobs. But please make sure that you can read kanji, because all of job information is in Japanese. Here, for download, JIMOTI .

Actually, the information about part time jobs is not on that websites only, still alot of them. But based on my experiences, I have ever applied from three-simple-websites. And Number 1 shows a great success. 

Let's try guys ! Good luck !
*I am also looking for a job now :)


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