HIJAB TRAVELER (Ika Nur Setiyawati's Journey)

Hello guys !

Welcome to my page ! Here, I shared anything which I did on my wonderful journey. You should know guys, actually I am a sociologist but I love traveling so much. So, in these pages, not only share about my experiences when traveling but also some papers talking about job vacancies, scholarship, japanese language and many more.

It is not a travel blog, right ????
You are wrong guys. Everything which I publish here has the same goal. Yup, that is for traveling. So, it is truly travel blog. But I wrote it with my own way. Because the goal of my website is not for sharing traveling stories only, but hopefully this website will be a useful one in the world. That is the point.

By the way, as a non native English speaker I am really sorry for doing some mistakes words on my Pages. In the other side, it is quite hard for me to show my truly expression in English. Anyway, don't be hesitate to correct me and feel free any question

Ika Nur Setiyawati
freelance tour guide in Japan
email : ikanursetiyawati@gmail.com
instagram : @ikanursetiyawati
channel : ika nur setiyawati

  • 2017 Jun - Even June is Ramadhan, it was not a reason for me to stop traveling. I mean hiking. Have you ever been hiking in Ramadhan ? I did hiking on Mount Takao and are you curious? 
  • 2016 Dec - Everyone always search famous place for celebrating new year but not me. I prefer to go to the hidden place. Being the anti-mainstream one actually met me to Pasar Malam (traditional market) in Tokyo. Waaaaaaaaa miss you so much Indonesia ! Being homesick LoL 
  • 2016 Oct - First time celebrating Halloween Party in Shibuya. Look like costum player party not Halloween.
  • 2016 Aug - Celebrating Mountain Day in Yamanashi with my older sister and her boyfriend. 2D1N in the beautiful place near Mountain Fuji. Just open your eyes and you can see Fuji on your room. Yeaaaaah !
  • 2012 Sep - Here, my first trip which organized my myself. There are 2 destinations. All is the best object tourism in Indonesia. I mean, just a few domestic tourist which know this tourism places but so much foreigner love these places. Just click which is will be the first you read. Baluran National Park (known well as Africa in Java) and Ijen Crater (the mountain with the blue fire).
  • 2015 Sep - It's called "United Nations". I am trying to be a hiking guide (Merapi Mountain) for some foreigner friend and it is look like not hiking but RUNNING on mountain. :p
  • 2013 Feb - It is the secound trip which I myself organized it. There are 4 destination, for futher more please click which one the location you choose. Sempu island (small island on the south part of Java island which look like Raja Ampat in Papua), Bromo Mountain (the beautiful spot for capturing sunrise in the world), Madakaripura Waterfall, Bali island.
  • 2016 Aug - Celebrating Indonesia's Independent Day in Yokohama (again). At that time, trying to be a tour guide. Wanna be guided by me ? (article on progress)
  • 2016 July - Looking for Jack (Leonardo Decaprio on Titanic) in Yokohama (the place of Titanic ship, japan version). Wanna see ? :D (article on progress)
  • 2016 Apr - Go to abroad for first time. Let's go to Japan as a research student in Kokushikan University ! (article on progress)
  • 2015 Mei - I love doing my job as an assistant research. Now, I know completely that is working and traveling are correlative in my life. Spending a week in Bawean island (remote area in Indonesia) for doing interview made me know that this island is so wonderful. (article on progress)
  • 2014 Feb - Hello again Yayorin ! Now I am living again in Kalimantan island (Borneo) for doing my undergraduate research about "Social Movement of Community Forest Carbon in Kalimantan.(article on progress)
  • 2014 Apr - International World Dance in Solo (article on progress)
  • 2013 Sep - Water Castle, Gembira Loka Zoo, Ratu Boko Temple (article on progress)
  • 2013 Sep - Pindul Cave, Gunung Api Purba, Bukit Bintang (article on progress)
  • 2013 Nov - Slamet Mountain, Jakarta, Bandung, Jogjakarta (article on progress)
  • 2013 Nov - Ungaran (article on progress)
  • 2014 Apr - Sam Poo Kong (article on progress)
  • 2014 Okt - Kawah Putih, Hot Spring (article on progress)
  • 2014 Feb - Backpacker Indonesia Sepanjang and Krakal Beach, Malioboro (article on progress)
  • 2014 Feb - Kelud Mountain Charity (article on progress)
  • 2011 - English Camp in Kediri (article on progress)
  • 2013 Apr - Karimunjawa island (article on progress)
  • 2013 Jul - Internship at Yayorin (article on progress)
  • 2016 Jul - Disneyland Tokyo (article on progress)
  • 2014 Feb - Festival Jenang (article on progress)
  • 2013 Aug - Kubah Emas Mosque (article on progress)
  • 2013 Nov 1,2 - Lawu Mountain (article on progress)
  • 2013 Nov 4,5 - Lawu Mountain (article on progress)
  • 2014 Mar - Merapi Mountain (article on progress)
  • 2014 Apr - Merapi Mountain Vanda (article on progress)
  • 2013 Mar - Merapi Mountain Mbak Erna (article on progress)
  • 2013 Mar - Merbabu Mountain (article on progress)

Happy enjoy my Page !
Thank you so much for visiting. 

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