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WELCOME to Sempu Island !

Sempu is an island located 800 meters from the southern coast of the province of East Java in Indonesia, about 70 km south of the city of Malang. The island is 3.9 km long and 3.6 km wide. It is topography is largely rolling hilld whose altitude ranges from 50 tp 100 meters above sea level. The coastline consists mainly of limestone cliffs characteristics of the facade of the island of Java in the Indian Ocean. 
Sempu is accessed from the village of Sendang Biru, the most important fishing port on the south coast of Java. 

These are the boat which will pick us up to sempu island. Horeeee !

On the boat. Look! Their face is still fresh. 

After 2 hours walking, very tired and thirsty. Look ! I was drinking one. 

Because it is a small island, so you can see beautiful ocean clearly from this part. Amazing one ! 

The boat almost dock on the mangrove forest. Be carefull !
It is their expression when feeling so happy. 

Your pants absolutely will be wet guys.

Our captain on our boat :D

The job of locals in here is fishing. Wow!

This place is called "Segara Anakan"

We are in the place surrounded by something like small hills like on this picture

Take a picture is a must when traveling. 1... 2... 3...

It is a way to make your shirt dry after swimmng. Just hanging on the dead branch you found.

Don't forget to eat during traveling. Pay attention your healthy also.

I can't express this picture. It is so awsome for me.

All team, We are the dreamers.

For you who can't swim. This place is safe.

The clear water, clear beach, clear place, everything is so beautiful.

Nine people 2 tends. LoL

Another laundry :p

Like Raja Ampat, isn't it?

Yeeeeeaaaa. Finally, I have my own picture !

The calm water, fresh air, you will be relax here.

Our tends

You can see the very small island but I don't know the name of that island

I think it is the good spot for capturing Segara Anakan

When you are so tired, just see the lake

My face after about 2 hours walking, so tired actually

Let's go to the next destination !

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