Hiragana (Part 1)

I am not Japanese teacher
I am not Japanese also

For nowadays, I am preparing my Japanese ability for being research student in Kokushikan University.

Let me share my ability for those who interest learn about Japanese language.

In Japan, there are 3 forms for writing. 
1. Hiragana
2. Katakana
3. Kanji

Ok guys, for part 1. I’d like to explain about Hiragana. I called it as basic form with total 46 forms. Hiragana also called originally Japanese forms. The advantage of learning hiragana is when you feel so hard to read kanji, it doesn’t matter because sometimes (not in newspaper) there is hiragana above.

Here is it....

A i u e o

Ka ki ku ke ko

How to write it ? Let me teach it on my youtube.

Check this out !
Keep watching my blog guys

For intance, let's see part 2 :)  


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