Photo Blog New Year 2017 in Tokyo

Happy New Year 2017
My beautiful sister 
Banana chocolate
The explaiation of omikuji. Hanging above the omikuji box

Wanna try ? What will your plan going well ?

The beautiful bridge. I found it beside prayer room.

To early to come. Perfect time for selfie :D

See that ! Just a few people over there. Again, welfie perfiect time

Waaaaaaa foooooooood !

100/ 200/ 300 yen ? Very cheap !

The entrance geat of this place

The exit gate. This time was too early. Maybe at 2 pm. Lol

I don't know how to read it. Again, exit gate. 

These are like a paper which somebody put it on the high like stars. I captured it with my head look up (like try to capt the stars on the sky)

Beautiful day on 31st Dec 2016

Well, these are some rules to enter this place

They prepare to sell the thing which Japanese should have on their room. The means of that things, I still didn't know. Sorry

Let's go to that stairway for praying :)

Somebody praying

One by one people coming for praying

Food booth ! Let's eating some traditional food guys ! :)

Look ! Mother and sister are reading the omikuji. Hope their future will be bright ! Aamiin :)

Left for up, right for down :)

Love this place. so many food :D


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