Preparing for Apply CoE and Visa to Japan

After waiting more than 5 months, there is a little problem face on my way. What is that ?


A lot of requirements for you those wanna enter Japan for any reason. The important thing for you should to do is appling visa. One of form you should fill in is copy of account bank which has minimum IDR 100 million. Oh jeez ! So confusing !

I just wanna get higher education over there, but it like so hard. I have to find someone or many people to collect the money. I actually get desperate for a moment. But I need to refuse it. Cause why ?

Cause I believe “Allah”. I know, he gave me some challenges not more than my capability. Also, every destiny also can be changed by our act.

So, what should I do ?

Keep connecting to everyone that’s probably help me in everything.

Keep positive thinking to Allah, he absolutely understanding not about what we want to but what we need to.


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