Baluran National Park - Best Vacation Spot for Adventurer (Africa in Island of Java)

Baluran National Park

Savana, it’s mean Africa. Honestly, Indonesia has it.
Look at the picture carefully ! It’s really not in Africa. It is Baluran National Park in Situbondo, East Java, Indonesia. It was a life-long dream to go there and it lived up to all my expectations. “Baluran” has fantastic landscape, beautiful underwater, a lot of bird watching, and absolutely feel like in Africa. It’s a wonderful place, although just a few people can speak English. Don’t be scare of that, they were also really kind. You won’t regret your visit here – it’s one of the most amazing places in Indonesia

Let this travel guide help you plan a backpacker trip to Baluran National Park from Yogyakarta!

1. Buying a Sri Tanjung ticket 

Indonesia train

A train from Yogyakarta to Banyuwangi can cost not more than 200.000 IDR ! Just click THIS to buy online or you can buy at supermarket wherever you are in Indonesia.

2. Using a public/ private transportation to go to the gate of Baluran National Park 

Batangan - Gate of Baluran National Park

Go out from Banyuwangi Baru Station. Go straight ahead about 300 m, then using “Angkot” or bus to go to Batangan (the gate of Baluran National Park). It’s not too far from station to Batangan actually, just not more than 30 minutes by using a rent car. But I chose rent a car 300.000 IDR for 6 people. For those who is a single journey I suggest you to rent a motorcycle, just pay not more than 150.000 IDR for one trip and include a driver.
3. Explore Baluran National Park

Baluran National Park

Ecology's map of Baluran National Park
If you want to spend your trip more than a day, you should book minimum 7 days before at this website. Because it’s so far away to reach Bekol (savana), 12 km exactly and so dangerous also. I suggest you to rent a motorbike from Batangan. Not more than 150.000 IDR. There are 3 main objects tourism which you should spend more time to enjoy the view :
a. Evergreen 
It’s look like rain forest in Kalimantan, so green and dark. Some people said that they often find a tiger which lay down or sun bathing may be. That is unforgetable one kilometers over there.
b. Bekol
Welcome to Africa in Indonesia
It’s called for savana. There are also 3 bird watchings and best place for enjoying sunset too.
Bird watching at Bekol
Even at the night you can see buffalos, monkey, deer, and many more are looking for food.
When deer is running at savana

c. Bama beach

Bama Beach

Snorkeling time at Bama Beach
You can swimming, snorkeling, and diving over there. After noon, it's the best time for snorkeling, after that you can enjoy sunset too.
There is one of best vacation spot in island of Java. Don't be hesitate to visit that place.
Happy Holiday in Indonesia !

*If you are looking for agent tour or guide around Indonesia. You can contact me. 

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