Sempu Island, Raja Ampat in Island of Java

Indonesia has a thousand islands. For those who love marine tourism and adventure journey, you absolutely love “Sempu Island”. It is best one I have ever visited.

Sempu Island

So beautiful and feel like at private island, isn't it ? 
How to go there ?

Let me share you about my journey to go there !

Map of Sempu Island
The island is located in Malang, East Java. So, I should to go to Malang first by train. I booked a ticket from kereta apiofficial website. Just pay not more than 200.000 IDR, I chose Sri Tanjung to drop me until Malang Lama Station. It was taking a long time. Feel like lazier person at that time because I was sleeping until arrive at Malang. May be 12 hours I was on the train.

Now, am I close to Sempu island ?

Hhhhmmm not yet. I should actually use bus, “angkot”, and elf to go there. But, I think it is too waste my time and energy. So, I prefer to rent a “angkot” and pay 250.000 IDR for 9 people as capacity of angkot. More than an hour, I was on the car. Little bit dizzy.

But trust me, until now I am never regret to go there. Really beautiful even tought I just already arrive at Banyu Biru beach. The border between Java Island and Sempu Island. 

Boats are parking on Banyu Biru beach
So many boats was parking at the beach. Waiting for some passangers to pick them up to Sempu Island. You know guys ?

Why that beach called Banyu Biru ?
Banyu means “water” in Javanese and biru means “blue” as condition of the water is blue, clear and beautiful like a window. I was really want to swim soon. J

Don’t gaze at the beach, because I should go to like a goverment office for reporting such as what I bring, how many days I will be in the island, and they would give me a guide because never go to the island before and paid 200.000 IDR per guide for one trip.
The boat which drop you to Sempu Island
Yup, the journey was start. I crossed the island by boat, taking about 20 minutes. 

Close to Sempu Island
Welcome to Sempu Island !

Then, I have to tracking like in swamp area.

Take a rest after long tracking
First, I chose to rent a pair of shoes (see the picture above) but it was not working. So, I prefer to barefoot. It was so nice. Little bit hard to step forward because slippery way. So, I have to take more time, almost 3 hours to arrive at Sagara Anakan and 10 minutes to walk at the border of the cliff. I was so scary.

But the world show us the beautiful landscape on my head. Oh my.... I see that !

Segara Anakan
Sempu Island
Sempu Island
Clear water of Sempu Island

The border of Sempu Island
Small island is captured from Sempu Island

More photos about Sempu Island on Photo Blog Sempu Island

Indonesia is wonderful !
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