Photo Blog Siska Mutiara Zahara & Ika Nur Setiyawati in Tokyo (A Honeymoon Trip)

Siska Mutiara Zahara is my friend since vocational school. She came to Japan for honeymoon trip and I was being her tour guide for several days. It likes I am in Indonesia because I can speak bahasa instead of Japanese. At that time, I miss Indonesia so much. Thank you sista for spending time together with me. I appreciated it. Here, some photos of our trip.

I accompanied Siska to attend audition :p
AKB48 Cafe We are coming !
@siskamz & @ikanursetiyawati (instagram)

Another "gaya". Cekrek cekrek
We are in Honolu Halal Ramen Ebisu
Siska said, "mmm I was so full. Eating so much delicious halal food here".

Sensoji Temple Asakusa
Getting some pictures but always fail. Hufth

Although sakura season was over. Fake sakura is OK. Hehehe

Welcome to Halal Sushi Restaurant near Asakusa

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