Best Vacation Spot in Bandung

Not only Jakarta which interesting place for you love urban traveling especially. But also Bandung as Paris Van Java. I don’t think twice to go there. For you shopping lover is look like paradise. A lot of export shirts, pants with cheap prices. 

So, let’s go to Bandung !

There is a alot of object tourism in Bandung. Here is some...

Bandung Object Tourism 

1. Taman Hutan Raya Ir. Juanda
tourism map (

maribaya waterfall

That place is belong to Indonesia goverment. It is look like mini forest in the middle of city and there is some colonial herritages such as cave. You can see waterfall also. Recommended for you who love trekking. The place is not far from the central. Not hard to find that also. The price is not more than IDR 50.000.

2. Tebing Karaton

Tebing karaton (ig : @ikanur23) 

Model : Muktamar Arafat
Look like stone which stand beautiful on the top of the hill. This new spot also favorite Indonesian nowadays. So, don’t be shock to see human wave on that place.
Why do Indonesian love that place ?
a. Easy way to reach there. Just using motorbike and arrive.
b. Feel like at on the top of the mount without trekking at all.
c. Good pictures for photo session or selfie.
d. Cheap ticket.
It is my opinion but may be it is true. J
But I really agree, this place is so beautiful. Hopefully, 
                              we can keep that place clean !
Pay entrance fee about IDR 25.000.

3. Gedung Sate

Gasibu sport field (opposite of Gedung Sate)

Gedung Sate
As goverment building in the central and right side as a post museum. Dutch colonial arcgitect shows perfectly when you see Gedung Sate. In 2016, that place is so beautiful at the night. So many lights decorated it. To take pictures is free. But to enter the museum you have to pay around IDR 10.000. It is really cheap.

4. Cycling
I and my little sister are cycling in West Bandung
For you cycling lovers, Bandung gonna be your adventure. Especially in Sunday, you can go to car free day for cycling. But if wanna feel different, you can go to sub urban area and enjoy the grass. The location is in Rancamanyar. For buy the bike you should pay minimum IDR 2.000.000 (a bike + a helmet). It is normal price for mountain bike.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a bike. I’ll rent my bike if you want. Please send me an e-mail to For fast responses, you can send me a message to (+62)8565-9050-230. I can organize your trip in Indonesia. Don’t be hesitate to ask me any question J

5. Kawah Putih
Kawah Putih
A crater
This place is one of miracle or paradise in the world. I was wondering of the colour of crater. Location of that place and the air is so unforgetable because surrounding hills and mountain, so the air so fresh.
When you arrive at the gate, you have to park your ride. Pay about IDR 200.000 (foreigner) and using angkot (free car to go to Kawah putih) to reach the carter. Then, walking about 5 minutes to arrive at white carter. And I suggest you to stay not longer than 30 minutes. You will feel dizzy  because inhealing so much like volcano fog. It is not good for your healty.

6. Ciwalini Hot Spring
The pool
For relaxation, I suggest you to come to hot spring near Kawah Putih. Just 20 minutes, it is enough for your body. The price is about IDR 50.000.

7. Strawberry Garden


In add, there is some strawberry garden, make it so perfect. Just pay IDR 100.000 you can eat strawberries as you want. But don’t bring it to home because you will pay charge.

8. Cimenteng Fishing Place
When my little sister is fishing
In Bandung, you can also enjoy fishing. My favorite place is Cimenteng because provide cheaper price and fresh air. Entrance fee is about IDR 30.000 , for buy some fishes is dependt on kilograms of a number of fish you wanna bring to home.

9. Kampung Sawah Swimming Pool
Swimming pool
You wanna enjoy swimming time in Bandung. This place is recommended for you. It is not only swimmping pool but also sundanese cultural restaurant and fishing place over there. Ex-president of Indonesia, Mr. Susilo Bambang Yudoyhono or SBY have ever go to this place for luch. But don’t worry about swimming pool entrance fee, it is not expensive. Just pay about IDR 50.000.

How to get there from Jakarta ?

You can use travel (shuttle bus) such as Cipaganti, Baraya, X-trans and many more. You can choose as you want. Expensive one or not. About the price start from IDR 75.000. If you wanna be trully Indonesian, you can use massive public transportation like bus and just spend about IDR 50.000. Don’t forget to use bus from bus station, so you can choose sheet.

From Jakarta to Bandung, actually is not as far as you think. But, because both of that cities is metropolitan city. So, traffic is the biggest trouble. We can’t prediction about how long to arrive in Bandung. So, I suggest you to visit Bandung not in weekend. Just come at morning weekdays.
Here is an itenerary for you !

Shuttle bus (for example)

Choose the shuttle bus which stop in UNPAD (Padjajaran University) Dipatiukur.

2. Use public transportation which called “Angkot” to go to Dago bus station. Just pay not more than IDR 5.000.
3. From Dago bus station, you should walk to your right side or walk up like hike the hill until you find supermarket (Alfamart) on the left side. There is a small way next to supermarket and a sign “Dago Pakar/ Taman Hutan Raya Ir. H. Juanda/ THR Ir. H. Juanda”. Ok, this is the right way.
4. Just go straight ahead until you will find Taman Hutan Raya Ir. H. Juanda’s gate on your right side. The price is not more than IDR 50.000.
5. After enjoying that place, you can go to Tebing Karaton with using ojeg from Taman Hutan Raya Ir. H. Juanda. The price about IDR 100.000 per person.
6. About not more than 1 hour youu will arrive at Tebing Karaton and pay entrance fee about IDR 25.000.
7. Back to Dago bus station and use Damri bus to Leuwi Panjang bus station. The price is about IDR 10.000.
8. Then, using mini bus to go to Ciwidey, usually has black colour. To make it sure, please ask policeman or bus station staff to accompany you to go to mini bus. The price is about IDR 100.000.
9. The distance is about 2-3 hours, and Kawah Putih’s gate on your right side. Pay about IDR 200.000.
10. From Kawah Putih’s gate, just choose your left side. I prefer go to Ciwalini Hot Spring by foot. So, I can enjoy tea graden which so wonderful and take some pictures. The distances is about 30 minutes. May be you will be faster because my legs is so short. J Ciwalini hot spring will be on your right side. Not more than IDR 50.000 to pay entrance fee.

“ If you really want to enjoy Bandung, better is you rent a car for couple days. This ittinerary above was taking 2 days.”

Ok, that’s it. Happy holiday in Indonesia ! J


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