Visit Bawean Island for 3 Days Under 107 $

You wanna see the best spot for underwater tourism in Indonesia ?
You will be also the first to go there. So, no longer need to make excuses such as “only Bali is the island of the Gods”. Hey ! Let’s prove it !
Gili Nokoh Beach in Bawean Island
I’ve come up with a guide on how you can go there with low cost.

1. Planning your trip
a. Take note of rainy or dry season
Deciding when to go can have significant impact on boat schedule and underwater tourism. Rainy season in Indonesia is from October until April when boats can’t move to Bawean island because of big wave happen. And then there’s the dry season, it is good timing for underwater activities around April until October.
Opting to go during rainy or dry season help you to enjoy the beautiful island.
b. Take adventage of long weekends
When you come on long weekends or public holidays, it helps you to save more than you can imagine, especially for a single traveller.
For example, you can rent a boat 70 $ for a day. If you come on peak season, you can share the cost with the others you will meet. Twelve until twenty people is a boat capacity. If you are lucky, you just pay under 5 $ for 12 hours on boat.
For more, you should know Indonesia Long Weekend in 2016.

2. Booking Accommodations Smartly 7 Days Before
There’s 3 boats type offers us from economy class to express class. Taking a long time on boat make you should spend much money for eat and sometimes not on time also. Choose express class is smart solution to cut the time and make sure your schedule is working with booking by phone.
For more, you can see Bawean Boat Schedule and make reservation carefuly because the boats is not always operate.
And about hotel, there is no exclusive hotel like in Bali island. Just a simple room they can offer to us with different facilities. Please choose a room that you want. For more, list of hotel in Bawean Island.

3. Getting around Bawean
a. A local guide is needed
Bawean island has some little islands and beautiful landscape. Exploring this island is a must but you need a local guide because a few and almost nothing sign can guide us to reach many object tourisms by yourself. I mean there is some hidden paradise which you should to visit overthere such as beautiful waterfall, lake and some historical places. Trust me, you will not regret at all.
About local guide, hotel always give you recommendation for an experience local guide. You just explain about that when make a reservation. So, they can prepare all facilities which you want.
And about local guide fee is depent on you. I think 30 $ is a normal price for 12-hour guide, a motorcycle + fuel and parking on object tourism. Exclude guide’s breakfast, lunch and dinner.
b. Using the share boat
There are some ways to get share boat :
- Make communication with the other tourist that you meet when on a boat before arriving Bawean or when in a hotel.
- Make communication with a hotel staff. They can help you. Just explain that you are a single traveller.
*Important thing is get friendly with a locals. They ablsolutely help you.
c. Bring your underwater equipment
If you wanna rent a snorkeling equipment, they offer 5$ for a day. But if you are prepare it, it will be save more, clean and comfort absolutely.

4. Final Cost Breakdown
Here is a quick overall cost breakdown if you travel as a single traveller for 3 days (3D/2N), assuming a day marine tour and a day bawean island tour :
Boat return ticket          = 2 x 14$    = 28 $
Hotel 3 days                  = 3 x  7$     =  21 $
Food                              = 9 x 2 $     = 18 $
Other expenses (guide, rent motorbike, fuel, share boat, entrance fee etc)  = 45 $
Total (excluding flight tickets)         = 107$/pax

So what are you waiting for ? Book your next holiday to Bawean now !
Are there any other budget tips I’ve missed? Share it with me J

Welcome to Bawean
Source : (Tanjung Cina) 
Kastoba Lake
Bawean Airport

Welcome to Gili Nokoh Beach

Waterfall, forgot about name. Hehe
Tambak village. Close to Tanjung Cina
Tambak village
Bawean Island

On the way to Tanjung Cina
Small waterfall
Tarik tea and coffee
Kastoba Lake
source : (bawean tourism map)


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