Visit Mount Bromo for 2 Days Under 67 $
Mount Bromo is probably Indonesia’s most famous volcano. Indonesia and Java in particular, is quite an inexpensive place. But don’t worry  for traveling South East Asia is generally quite easy for a single traveler.

Here, I will give you travel guide to go to Bromo mountain if you decided to visit skip the tourist agency and do it by yourself.

1. Planning your trip

a. Take note of rainy or dry season
Deciding when to go can have significant impact, especially for hunting sunrise on Bromo mountain. Rainy season in Indonesia is from October until April when the sky is cloudy. And dry season, it is good timing for outdoor activities around April until October.
Opting to go during rainy or dry season help you to enjoy sunrise and milky way on Mount Bromo.

b. Take adventage of long weekends and festival
When you come on long weekends or public holidays, it helps you to save more than you can imagine, especially for a single traveller.
Because first, you can meet other travelers with whom you can split the cost easly. So, you don’t need longer time to wait other travelers. Second, you will get the best view and enjoy unique culture for your collection photos.
For more, you should know Indonesia Long Weekend and Festival in 2016. This year, you can see Yadnya Kasada festival.

2. Booking Accomodations Smartly 7 Days Before
For enjoying Bromo mountain, you need minimum 2 days in Bromo. Booking a hostel or house before is a must. So that you can get the best hotel with the best price. Please choose a room that you want. For more, list of hotels in Mount Bromo.
Or for alternative choise, if all rooms is full. Just bring your sleeping bag and matress then will sleep on Penanjakan (one of best sunrise view point) overnight. The adventage is you can enjoy the milky way. And the weakness is there is no lamp. So, you need to bring flashlight.

3. How to Get There from Surabaya
The cheapest and easiest way to travel on Java is by train. So that you have to book your tickets in advance because trains can get quite full. You absolutely don’t want to wait for hours because trains is full, isn’t it ?
To get Mount Bromo from Surabaya, you should go to Probolinggo by bus. Make sure that you will leave Surabaya early morning. Actually you can use train to go there. But to make it simple, I choose bus.
From Probolinggo, take a small bus which called Bison to Cemoro Lawang. But you have to go out from bus station. Bison will take off for Cemoro Lawang (the base of Bromo) when full (10 – 15 people).  The last Bison will operate until 4 p.m. Make sure you will arrive before that time. It help you to save more.

4. Getting Around Mount Bromo
Once you arrive you will notice that everyone is being carted around by jeeps. These are the organized tours, but you can also rent a jeep by yourself. But I advice you to
“ use your own legs”

a. Sand Desert

b. Bromo Crater

Just walk across the sand sea by passing the Hindu temple and climb up a set of stairs to the carter opening.

c. Penanjakan Sunrise Viewpoint

Just getting up really early, because you need about a two hour to go there. If you stay in Tengger Permai hostel , just go out from the hostel. Turn right and follow the way. You will find stairs to the Penanjakan.
5. Final Cost Breakdown
Here is a quick cost breakdown for 2 days (2D/1N) :

Bus return ticket – 8 $
Bison return ticket – 8 $
Entrance fee32 $
Hostel 1 day – 11 $
Food (3 times) – 8 $
Total (excluding flight tickets) 67 $

If you choose to sleep on Penanjakan, you will save more. Just spend 56 $ for 2 days on Bromo mountain.

So, what are you waiting for ?

Let’s prepare your backpack and enjoy Yadnya Kasada Festival on Mount Bromo !

Are there any other budget tip’s I’ve missed ?Share it with me J

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