10 Reasons People Come To Japan

“Why did you come to Japan ?”

That question such a title of reality show on TV Tokyo every Monday from 6:55 pm. Exactly, the target is foreigner. Sometimes airport also became a favorite place for hunting foreigner, the biggest bus station or train station. A lucky foreigner and absolutely friendly would be chosen as a special guess which is all activities of foreigner will be recorded on a day. Somebody came for travelling, intern program, being student, working and many more.

Based on that TV programme, I also want to interview some friends from around the world and some videos which I took from youtube.

The aim of these videos are :
1. To decribe what their motivation to go to Japan.
2. To decribe what their hopes for living in Japan.
3. To predict Japan future with alot of foreigner inside.

As a sociologist. Also travel holic which not such a ordinary traveller. We have to know more than culture of place we visit. Getting nothing if we spend our time in new area is useless, for ME. So, my desire is to explore what the foreigner want to get to live in Japan.

Curious ????

Here are " Why did you come to Japan guys? "

a. Because I am Japanese

b. For eating sushi 

c. To look for a partner to live

d. For working as English teacher

e. For studying at a University

f. For working as part-time staff by attending Japanese Shcool

g. For audition JPop
h. Looking for different country for living

i.  To get a higher education

j. Love Japanese drinking culture 

And YOU ? Please tell me your reason through comment on this blog. I am waiting your responses guys. 


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