2 Great Places for Cycling in Tokyo


Enjoying Tokyo by foot is an ordinary experience. As you know Tokyo is one of the biggest city in the world. Therefore, finding a suitable cycling road in crowded city such as Tokyo can sometimes be a challange. Here, I will show you some places which is the best places for cycling and also for outdoor activities.

1. Arakawa River

Ara River, also known as the Arakawa River, is one of the principal rivers flowing through Tokyo. It originates on Saitama Prefecture and empties into Tokyo Bay. 

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The road near river is really really suitable for cycling. As far as I know, there are no uphill road. So, even you are not a professional cyclist or you just recreational cyclist like me. This area is RECOMMENDED.

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Also, beautiful green spaces over there can be used for camping, sunbathing, barbecue and many more. For Japanese, they are sometimes using this area for practicing baseball. But some people (old people) prefer for fishing and reading a book. In the other side, nowadays I saw a young people doing something like water sport.

2. Sumida River

Sumida River is a river that flows through Tokyo, Japan. It branches from Arakawa River at Iwabuchi and flows into Tokyo Bay.


This area is famous as Sumida River Fireworks, which are recognized as one of the oldest and most famous firework display in Japan, are launched from barges across the river, between Ryoogoku and Asakusa during Summer, a festival is also held at the same time.

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These are my favorite places for cycling, what about you ???


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