Being a Hiking Guide (Merapi Mountain) For Foreigner = Being RUNNER

Welcome to my traveling notebook ! Now, I wanna talk about my experience when being a hiking guide to Merapi Mountain. 

Merapi Mountain by Takanobu Shiina
I don't know how much I love hiking. Anyway, I love nature so much. I actually never join something like scout club or hikers club in university. But when hiking, alhamdulillah I never get injure. By the way, there are a lot of people wanna hiking but they have lack of mountenering knowledge. Hey guys, how lucky I am. A lot of my friends, they are rescuer and hikers. That's why I understand so many techniques during hiking. 

Ok back to the topic. In 2015, it is actually not my first time for being hiking guide. But for guiding some foreigners it's my first time (for hiking). Not only from one country, it looks like united nation. They come from several countries that are Columbia, Japan, Ukraine, Polandia, Mexico and England.  

Wow ! It is amazing. Feel like not in Indonesia as I wish. Like God made my dream come true. Why ? I wanna go abroad since child. Anyway, it was my dream for living abroad since a long time ago. Maybe when my teacher asked "what is your dream?". So, every praying exactly I always say "I wanna live abroad for a while." With have so many friends from around the world. I believe that my dream will come true soon. I mean, like we wanna driving, it is like warming up. A thousand thanksful because Allah give me a chance for talking in English all day. It was quite hard for me because I need to explain everything while hiking, including briefing before hiking. Maybe I almost wanna die also. :p

Briefing before hiking by Abdur Rohman
Anyway it is not suprising me yet. The one which made me surprice is "size". Shoes size, shirt size, and many more is not what I mean. But size of body. You can see that. They are all taller than me. So you know guys when hiking I have to run. Something like, 3 times my steps equal 1 time their step. It means, I should run, isn't it?

Hellen, Ika, Sean, Aga (left to right) by Abdur Rohman

By the way, this hiking is my fastest hiking ever. Because everyone (Indonesian people) spend about 5 hours to reach Pasar Bubrah (the last camp before go to peak) but we just need 3 hours to get there. 

Pasar Bubrah
It is so amazing and unpredict. That's why, we were getting freeze because arriving so early and waiting sunrise for so long. 

Waiting sunrise on Pasar Bubrah
One thing guys, for freezing person like me is sunbathing. Just 10 minutes or more. I was getting warm. Look the picture below, which one is me ? Yup in the middle one. Let's warm up your body ! ;p

Sunbathing on Pasar Bubrah
After capturing some beautiful pictures on Merapi mountain for about an hour. We dicided to go down. Oh jeez (again), Indonesian people need 2D1N to hike this mountain up but we only less than 10 hours to finish it. Can you imagine out guys how many times I should support myself to keep fighting. Yup, everybreath I take always say, "You can do it !." 

And here we are !

All team
For further, you can see my photo collection in Ika Nur Setiyawati's Photo Blog Page.
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