Celebrating Mountain Day in Yamanashi, Japan

Recently, Japan created a new public holiday. In 2016, it is gonna be the third-times for "Mountain Day" (which well known as "Yama no Hi") with the goal is "to give opportunities to get close to mountains and to the appreciate the benefits of mountains.

In my case, I don't want to leave this day without doing nothing. So, how lucky I am. My friends (called "older sister" will be comfortable for me) invited me to join her trip with her boyfriend for free. 
WOW ! Of course, with my pleasure I will. 
As a student who survive without any scholarship in Japan, this opportunity better than scholarship student gave. In add, I have already came to Japan, also my japanese language was so bad. 

"I will take this opportunity. I can enjoy Japan and learn japanese with native (her boyfriend is Japanese). Got it ! Double advantages," I said to myself and looking at my face on the mirror in my room. 

- The Day - 
After a couple days of the Mountain Day, we went to Yamanashi district. On this trip, I didn't organize like another trip before. (As you know guys, I am a good organizer tour, especially with lowest budget. That is my friends said about me and I think so.)

Back to the topic, the organizer of this trip is her boyfriend (again). Ok, starting with unfriendly weather, we driving to Yamanashi. On the way, it was raining and the road was so slippery. Also, we got the wrong way to a grape land. Oh my god, the worst is I got a car sickness. Anyway, we arrived on the grape garden.

First, you should pay the entrance ticket. How much is it ? I am sorry guys, I  really didn't know about the cost on this trip. Sorry.... After paying, you will be guided by someone who explain you very detail about some kinds of grape over there and also the guide will give you like a bucket and scissors for taking a number of grapes as you wish. I advice you to choose this grape. 

It is the sweet one guys. The point is don't eat before going to that garden because how much you eat grape is free, except you wanna take it home. You should pay extra. Each grape has different price, if you wanna buy some without should go to garden, you can go to the front room (look like a grape shop) and choose what you want. 

After eating so much grape, exactly I wanna sleep for a while. Then, let's go to the hotel. Near from grape garden about 10 minutes and the beautiful location. 

We chose "Shuhoukaku Kogetsu" , because ......
1. From the all guest room you can see Fujiyama (the world's cultural heritage)

2. The back yard face to Fujiyama lake (good spot for capturing Fujiyama)
3. Nature hot spring inside. When you are inside, there are two different area. Indoor and outdoor. Yup, you are be able to see Fujiyama (again). But, you can't capture this beautiful view. Entering the hot spring, camera is forbidden.
4. It is trully Japan. Because all day, you should wearing yukata both women, man, adult and child. And how lucky we are (again), we got the prize by doing games like "bingo". 

So, what are you waiting for ???
Let's go to Yamanashi !

By the way, it is not the end of my vacation in Yamanashi. The next article will be publish soon. :)
Thank you so much for visiting my Page. 


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