Why Japanese Celebrate New Year 2017 in a Holy Place ???

Actually, I didn't mean to go to Jinja or Otera. I just wanna see how the jinja in thi place look like. Indeed, I am so sorry to say that I totally didn't know the name of that place. Sorry....

Well, just a brief explaination and a little opinion about Jinja. 

Basicly, Japanese reliogion is Shinto. Look like Indonesia, I mean not everyone is Moslem but majority people is Moslem, also the Indonesian law is not moslem law. It is totally different. In this case, Japan also majority Shinto ( a long time ago ). Now, if you have a friend from Japan, ask them about what is their religion. I guess, they will answer that "I don't have any religion" or if you force them probably they will explain something like that, 

"When I was a child, I have ever go to Jinja (anything place for praying) with my parents. So, if I have to say, I am Buddist but it is for status. For real, it is the way I am. I don't think about any religion. I love freedom."
(This is actually a piece of my disscusion with the Japanese boy)

So guys, based on that reality. Jinja, the prayer place for Shinto, still exist with changing their function (for young people). That is for recreation and so do Otera (the prayer place for Budhist).

Why can I say like this ?
In my opinion, the prayer place is a holy place like 90% people coming for praying and 10% for any interest. But, when I stay for a while and compare some jinja one by one. Just not more than 40% people coming for praying. 

One by one people coming to pray

But, today on the end of the year 2016. All people (99%) come for praying. At 00.00 sharp 1st January 2017, majority people absolutely take a "omikuji".


It is like what is our future on this year look like ? If it shows good, you will be come back home with happiness. But if not, it doesn't matter because you can hang the paper up to the corner. It means that the unlucky of you are on this year will be gone. 

The food booth will be open about 6 pm

Indeed, for celebrating new year there are also many stand which saling many things, such as food, merchandise, snack, even international food also. In Indonesia same as Pasar Malam.

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So guys, for you are a food hunter. This place and this time is the great time for searching and eating some traditional food with the cheapest price. It is REALLY RECOMMENDED. Sometimes for celebrating new year is not must be in the famous place but being anti-mainstream like almost people did can be unique one as my experience and maybe yours. :D

Happy New Year 2017 !!!
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