Mount Takao - Popular Spot for Mountain Hiking in Tokyo

It was beginning from my discussion with my manager at Honolu Halal Ramen Ebisu. When I felt that I was in Japan for a long time but I never did my hobby. Yup, my hobby is hiking. That's why I came into him for having his recommendation. 

What do I really want ? What kind of mountain which I want to climb up ? 

In summary, I want to climb up a mountain which is near from Tokyo, no pollution, high enough, so many trees and not as famous as Mount Fuji. 

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As a result of my expectation, Mount Takao is the best choice for my next trip. 

According to JNTO (Japan National Tourism Organization), Mt Takao is 599m high and located in western Tokyo. It is blessed nature's rich bounty and is designed as a National Park. About an hour from the center of Tokyo, it is a popular spot for mountain hiking.

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How to get there ?
You have to go to Shinjuku and use train (Keio Line). Choose the express one, because it will be take about 45 minutes till the last train station (Takaosanguchi 高尾山口station). How much the cost you need to spend from Shinjuku to Takaosanguchi? For me, I usually check it on before go. So, don't forget to check it first guys !
I also recorded a video when I was on my way to Mt Takao so that you can check it out on my youtube, here :

Actually, no ticket fare you should spent for climbing the mount. Indeed, for climbing up this mountain you have three choises. Which one is your choice ?
a. Cable car

b. Chair-lift

c. By foot

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And for the trail, you can choose one from 10 trails. That are :
1. Omotesando Trail with the character is nature and history of Mount Takao and is recommended to the beginner hikers as the cable car and chair-lift are also available. 
2. Kasumidai Loop Trail 
3. Katsura Woods Trail
4. Suspension Bridge Trail
5. Mt. Takao Peak Loop Trail
6. Biwa Waterfall Trail
7. Inariyama Trail
8. Iroha no Mori Trail 
9. Jyataki Waterfall Trail
10. Ura-Takao Trail

In my case, I chose to use chair-lift for round trip. For the detail, you can check my photo blog. Also, check it on my youtube.

Happy hiking !!!

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