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Mount Takao is one of the closest natural recreation areas to central Tokyo, offering beautiful scenery, interesting temples, and attractive hiking opportunities. Despite outside the city center, the mountain is still located within Metropolitan Tokyo and takes only 45 minutes and 390 yen to reach from Shinjuku station.

The train goes to Takaosanguchi Station

This is Takaosanguchi Station
The hiking map
Yup, behind me are the cable car and chair-lift station.
I captured it when I was sitting on the chair-lift. Wow my heart beating was so fast. 

The fabulous temple on Mount Takao.

I was on the way to the peak.

Jump jump jump !

Photo booth. I bought it for merchandise. 750 yen per each.

You can see Tokyo city from here. How beautiful it is !

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I don't know what does the gate mean. But I think it is a main gate.

Japanese family spent their leisure time for hiking.

Look like Monkey forest in Bali

The border of hiking trail. It was so interesting.

One of hiking trails which is the difficult one.

The youngest hiking man ever.

One of an amazing nature's rich on the mount.

The trail

Keep smiling despite almost die. Hahaha

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