Hiragana (Part 2)

Hi guys ! 
Thanks for watching my blog again.

By the way, what about 8 forms that I shared on Part 1 ?
Remember all the forms ?

It is ok if you don’t remember all, just keep learning guys. I believe that you do it. And don’t forget to watch my youtube for further.

For the day, we are going to Part 2 where I want to share you 8 forms again.
Here we go....

sa shi su se so

ta chi tsu te to

It is so easy, isn’t it ?
You can also see on my own youtube

Here, I will share tips to remember it fastly :
Prepare blank papers


Fold it on to 4 times and slice.

Write hiragana on a side and alphabet on the other side.
Guess hiragana which you see. You can see the answer on the behind
To make it perfect, you can do it with your friends. 

Let’s make it !

Let's go to Part 3 !
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