Hiragana (Part 3)

Hello guys !
It is nice to see again.
Welcome back to www.bookofhuman.blogspot.com

In this day, we keep learning about hiragana. After we learned about 16 forms yesterday, what is your feeling ? More excited or boring, may be confusing ?
If you follow my tips on Part 2, I think it make all more easy.

Ok, don’t waste your time. Here is it, another hiragana.

na ni nu ne no

ha hi fu he ho

There is an weird form, isn’t it ?

Yup, look at “fu” !
In Japan, there is no “hu”, just “fu”. So, there is no any word say “hu” at all. To prove it, you can see Japanese dictionary in your home and check it one by one. 

Keep learning guys!
See on my own youtube also.

Let's move to Part 4 !


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