Hiragana (Part 4)

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For now, I’d would like to give you some test. 

Please translate to 日本語 (Japanese language) without cheating !
Duration : 10 minutes

1. Tatsu =
2. Nani =
3. Kaku =
4. Neko =
5. Utau =
6. Koko =
7. Suki =
8. Kao =
9. Koe =
10. Aoi =

Finally, for the score of your test. Please sending your answer to my email (ikanursetiyawati@gmail.com) then I’ll give you the score.

Ok, let’s move to another hiragana !

ma mi mu me mo

ra ri ru re ro

Keep learning guys!
See it on my own youtube also.

Let's go to Part 5 !
You almost finish study hiragana :)


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