Hiragana (Part 5)

Hello guys !
What about your test in Part 4 ?
Is it easy or not ?

Here, the answer of that test !
1. Tatsu (stand) = たつ
2. Nani (what) = なに
3. Kaku (writing) = かく
4. Neko (cat) = ねこ
5. Utau (singing) = うたう
6. Koko (here) = ここ
7. Suki (like) = すき
8. Kao (face) = かお
9. Koe (voice) = こえ
10. Aoi (blue) = あおい

May be, everybody think about when it will be finish. And this is it, on this part I’d like to end it.

ya yu yo

wa wo n

That is it. 46 forms of hiragana.

Keep learning guys!

ありがとうございました。(Thank you very much)


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