Process to get Ceritificate of Eligibility (CoE) for Study in Japan

In fact, to get Ceritificate of Eligibility (CoE) is not as easy as I think. For me who never go abroad before, it is a new thing. And actually complicated. Why ?
There is some points which should you prepare it before go abroad :
1. Who is your guarantor ? Family/not ?
2. Where is his/her job ?
3. How much his/her salary per month ?
4. Is he/she has bank account ? How much his/her saving ?

If you are a rich person, it was so easy. But for me is not.

Let me tell my whole story from the first question until the end.

1. My father became my guarantor. 
In the beginning, I had plan that my lecturer wanna be my guarantor. But the situations is not good. So many problems I should face it. So, I decided to choose my dad and to prove it. I should attach family card which has proven with sworn translator.

my family card

2. His job is an self-employed.
Yes, he built a small showroom for car repairing. It is called, IKSI MOTOR. Did you know ? What is IKSI ? It is abbriviation of “Ika and Siti”. Ika is me, his first child and Siti is his second child. For this contect, I should bring letter of office domicili where is explain about what his job and the location exactly.

Domicili letter of my dads office

3. For letter of salary, my daddy doesn’t have a proven like this.
His management is not good. So, we don’t have any records about that. Because of it, I got discuss about that and they suggested me to make it by myself. Just explain about salary, overtime salary and operational expenses per month.

My dads salary letter

4. About bank account, absolutely he has. But for CoE, we should get bank referrense. 
And and the important is should has 100 million rupiah as limit. As you know, I and my family are ordinary people. It’s too hard and impossible for us. So, my daddy looked for loan to complete it. Just bismillah and got it. 

My dads bank reference

Allah, always listening and understanding 


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