Best Vacation Spot in Jakarta

Do you choose Indonesia to be one of your journey ?

Hhhhmmmm which one the city gonna be the first of your journey ?
Ok, not confuse cause I wanna suggest you all of cities you have to enjoy and spend your time over there. 

Let’s begin !

Monas, Jakarta

As capital city of Indonesia. Why ? Because you can see the real of Indonesia. A lot of local people around Indonesia you can find there with each acsents and unique places, goverment places, historical places also. 

You are not in Indonesia yet, if you never go to Monas (symbol of Indonesia). 
Guys, check this out !

1. Monumen Nasional (Monas)

Over there you can find “delman” (public transport a long time ago) to guide you walk around monas. Don’t forget to bring umbrella, sunglasses, and using sunblock because Jakarta has about 30 degree celcius or more. For Indonesian, the temperature is too hot. 

If you wanna go up to the top of Monas, you just pay and you can see the whole of Jakarta. How much you have to pay ? See the picture !

Price of entrace fee

After walking around Monas, absolutely hungry. And it’s time for eating. I suggest you to eat “Ketoprak” as Jakarta food. You can find it so easly. One of them is in near of Jakarta Kota shelter of busway. With about IDR 10.000, it made us full. And yummy, I wanna more actually. Hehehe

How to go to Jakarta from Soekarno – Hatta International Airport ?
1. You can choose taxy to go to central Jakarta about IDR 300.000 – more.

2. By bus about IDR 50.000 – more to Jakarta city. 


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