Katakana (Part 3)

Hello guys !
It is nice to see again.

Learn foreign language actually so hard bacause not only should good on memoriesing but also have to be more patient.

You heard it, right ? So, may be you will think twice to learn another language. Hhhhmmm I should tell you something interesting which change your mind. According to a research when I saw on one of station TV in my country, the result is talk about “more foreign language that you learn, it will gonna be increasing your old.”

So that, let’s start with learning Japanese !
Late is better than never J

For those who wanna start now, you have to see from “Part 1”. Because for today, I’d like to move to Part 8. Check it out !

na        ni         nu       ne       no

ha        hi         fu        he       ho

That is it. Hopefully, you will enjoy learning. So, you can be faster for remembering. J


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