Travel Guide to Yokohama for 1 Day Under 61 $

Yokohama (横浜) is a port city and the second largest city in Japan. As we know, Japan is one of the expensive place in the world. But don’t worry  for traveling East Asia is generally don't as expensive as we think.

Here, I will give you travel guide to go to Yokohama if you decided to visit skip the tourist agency and do it by yourself.

1. Planning your trip

a. Take note of summer season
Deciding when to go can have significant impact, because if winter season it'll be more cold and a lot of snow. Perhaps make our vacation will be quite hard. Summer season in Japan is from June until September. Opting to go during summer season help you to enjoy the outdoor activities.

b. Take adventage of long weekends and festival
When you come on long weekends or public holidays, it helps you to save more than you can imagine, especially for a single traveller.
Because first, a lot of shop give us the biggest discount. Second, more event will be held. 

2. How to Get There fromTokyo
The cheapest way to travel in Japan is by train or walking. So that you have to know a little bit "Kanji" in advance because trains route sometimes write in Japanese. You absolutely don’t want to miss the train or getting lost in Japan. As you know, just a few people can understand English.
To get Yokohama from Tokyo, I recommended "Tokaido Line". Make sure that you will leave Tokyo in the morning (8.00 - 8.30 am).
From Yokohama, change with Minatomirai Line. I suggest you to go to Motomachi Chukagai as your first location to explore.

4. Getting Around Motomachi-chukagai
Once you arrive you should go to China Town. 
a. China Town

The gate to China Town

My favorite Place
Just walk through the sign, it will guide you to China Town

b. Yamashita Park and Yokohama Tower
Yokohama Tower and Me

c. Hikamawaru (Titanic in Japan)
 I called it Titanic. It looks like miniatur of Titanic. Wanna see that ? 
Getting closer to Hikamawaru 
d. Boat to Akarenggasoko
Boat to Aka Rengga Soko

On the boat

Cosmoworld Yokohama

Cosmoworld at night
5. Final Cost Breakdown
Here is a quick cost breakdown for 1 day :

  Train return ticket – 31 $
Food (3 times) – 30 $
Total (excluding flight tickets, entrances fee) 61 $

So, what are you waiting for ?

Let’s prepare your backpack and enjoy Japan !
Are there any other budget tip’s I’ve missed ?Share it with me !


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