10 Part-Time Jobs for Student in Japan

"Who want to STUDY ABROAD ?" 

Exactly, everyone want it. If we are talking about study abroad, you absolutely imagine that it is only for the GOOD student with the HIGH score and maybe you should wearing sunglasses and strict shirt. Noooooo !

Anyway, study abroad is for you who try hard to reach your dream although you are not as clever as you imagine out and have the presticious shcholarship. Again, stop thinking about "scholarship" if you realize that is impossible to get. But don't give up about your dream. There are million way to reach your dream with the GOD powerfull. So keep trying and praying from NOW !

In Japan case, so much foreign students came to Japan without get any scholarship. So, how can they survive in Japan ? One of the solution and absolutely they do it is "part time job" or .....

As the rule, every student in Japan give permission to work with maximum 28 hours per week. It means if you work until 30 hours per week, you will get punishment until you can't come to Japan for several years. Keep the rules up guys !
On this article, I will show you favorite jobs of student in Japan. Here it is ....

1. Kitchen staff
NIPPON Shigoto.

2. Hall staff
You can search another job by category search

3. Bed making
You can search another job by category search

4. Newspaper deliveryman
Yusuke Japan Blog

5. Factory work
Wall Street Journal

6. Convinient store staff

7. Construction staff (genba)

8. Nanny
When I am being a Nanny at Shinagawa, Tokyo

9. English teacher
Around the World in 80 Jobs

10. Gardener

Which one do you choose ???

Let's writing your own curriculum vitae !

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