A Letter from Borneo People to the World

“Nothing can hide from changing. There is changing even just a little.”
-Sociologist of Social Change-

Sometimes, we didn't realize that changing is real. What is changing look like? We life as same as another. Just living in normal life. Eating always use hands, listening using ears even speaking also using mouth. So that, what is the changing ?

Changing  is an abstract concept. When a mom said to her child, "My honey, now you are more big. I almost have not enough energy to pick you up.  It means a mom realizes that her child changing (the weight of son). Meanwhile, what is social change ?

Before that, let's take a look to the Borneo.

“Welcome to the jungle”, a good tag line for describing the beautiful of Borneo (along time ago). But now, that is just a legend.
Like a writer with his backward flow as same as Indonesia now.  Changing like walk to the back with the head face up. Or look like a runner is running without move. That is Indonesia.

Palm like a king on another kingdom. Why ? Because a million meters of rain forest gone. Just palm tree. A number of orangutan also died.

In add, Dayak people (Kalimantan island tribe) always bother by sounding of chainsaw machine a whole day for cutting the tree. They also work as a palm tree staff for surviving. Like don't care about how long they build a bound with the forest. While the structure keep supporting the factories, they still can do anything. Just it flow...

But why always them as the maker of Kalimantan forest burning ?
It is not their fault, isn't it ?
What the hell of changing like this ? 
That's why C. Wright Mills said changing is not about be better but sometimes be the worst too.

Where you wanna take us ? Where you wanna take Kalimantan island?

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