Learning Simple Japanese Language For Backpacker or Traveler

Hi guys, it is been a long time for me to share about tips and trick for traveling. 
As you know guys, now I am in Japan. Yup, I am trying to get higher education in here. That's why I rarely post something here. 

Anyway, in this post I wanna share about "Japanese Language"

What is that ? 
Why should we learn it ?
What the benefits of learning this language ?

Wait wait wait.....be calm guys. Let me give you explaination.

1. Do you know Japan ?
Japan is one of cultural country in the world. If we talk about Japan, what is on your imagine ? Samurai, kimono, sakura, geisha, shrine, small eyes people, anime and many more. As far as I know, Japanese people have strong nationalism such as just a few people who can speak and understand English or another language. I don't mean that is not good but I mean Japanese people appreciate their ancestor. Not only about language but also about relationship between human and nature, so wonderful guys if you see the mega city in Tokyo, the Shibuya crossing and many more. There are just a few symbols of moderization in Japan. 

In my mind, the modern country is totally not related to culture and forgetting culture and nature but in Japan (in the middle of Tokyo City) you can find a huge shrine surrounded by mini jungle, called by Meiji Jinggu near Harajuku Station. I just can say WOW !


2. Minimalize get lost 
In fact, just a few people in Japan who understand English very well. So, learning a little bit Japanese language will help you for exploring Japan. For foreigner like me reading kanji is so difficult. But, we don't need remember too much kanji, for example direction sign in station, road, and etc. 


3. Preventing bedwetting
Why ? First, let's imagine we are now in the remote area of Japan. In that place, we really wanna pee. But there is not any symbol in English, all japanese (kanji). For people also not any younger people, it is really hard to ask somebody. That's why Japanese language is usefull (not in this situation only).


Hhhmmm, what do you think guys ?

Wanna try learn simple Japanese ?
Here, I provide you some of my videos about learning Japanese. 

Part 1

Thank you so much for reading my blog and watching my videos !
Feel free any questions to me through comment on my youtube videos


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