Photo Blog Merapi Mountain - Part 2

This part is the worst part I think

Although cloudy, Merapi still beauty as usual :)

When eruption coming, that river is full of lava. How a beautiful it is ! 

The caution that you should stop hiking on that place. For your safatey guys ! Please follow this rule. Don't follow me, that time I climb up to the top. Sorry :(

Hi Merapi ! Try to capt this picture perfectly when so tired. Really ! 

I think it is not as far as people talk to me. But, it is really far. So many times take a break and breath. Hosh hosh hosh  :D

Need food and sleep ! (actually)
Like snow board. Let's sliding !!!

The bird, nature and sunrise

Because life is look like hiking ! 

Happy face on the top of Merapi mountain

Fall down, wake up, holding the rocks. It is trully hiking !

You can see ? Two mountains over there !

My sister pretend like a model :D

Try to capture the moon but my camera is not good enough. So that is it !

Sliding on the peak . Hehehehe

I am flying. Actually really wanna fly because too much fall down. :(

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